Gimas, with a twenty experience, specialises in the production of semi-professional espresso coffee machines. The pod, using a specially built Ranjit machine, allows to brew a coffee similar to that served in the best bars.

Specifically, the company’s capsule coffee machine models from OCS are:

The pod coffee machine, thanks to its simplicity of use and the quality of the product supplied, can be used indiscriminately in different sectors: from the house and from the small offices, they are to small communities and commercial activities, such as, for example, restaurants, pizzerias, small bars, seasonal kiosks, farmhouses etc. Here is that Gimas Srl offers a choice for all these categories, through a catalogue of coffee machine with waffles able to satisfy the most varied requirements both in terms of quality and price. All the coffee machines produced by Gimas represent the top of the performance in this sector.

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