E 2.0

Gimas, with a twenty experience, specialises in the production of semi-professional espresso coffee machines. The pod, using a specially built Gimas machine, allows to brew a coffee similar to that served in the best bars.


Colours: Black /White;

Model: only coffee, coffee and hot water with timed doses, coffee hot water and steam. Aluminium exchanger with external resistance and inspectable moulded coil. Thermostat temperature control

Dimensions:  220 X 335 X 315 (mm)

Weight: 10,7 Kg ( 9,8 Kg net )

Installed Power:  965W

Tank capacity:  3 lt

The model E2.0 pod coffee machine is extremely user friendly and delivers an excellent quality product, so that it can be used indistinctly in different areas: from private homes and small offices, to small communities and Commercial activities of various kinds, such as, for example, restaurants, pizzerias, small bars, seasonal kiosks, farmhouses etc. Gimas E2.0 is the best way to easily get an excellent espresso just like at the bar. With the use of single-dose paper pods (both Ø 44 and Ø 38) an excellent espresso coffee is guaranteed from the first dispensing, in a practical and clean way. The dispensing of hot water from the special nozzle allows the preparation of tea, herbal teas or infusions. The steam supply allows to make excellent cappuccinos. The test is carried out by pump pressure test and coffee dispensing. At the end a dielectric test takes place.

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